Performance Testing

Product’s quality is always the priority concern of our company, therefore, we do performance test for each injector before it is sent to our customers. The performance testing of common rail 0950005471 injector includes electrical characteristics, accuracy, the tolerance of high temperature, low temperature, pressure as well as leakage, durability and others working conditions testing. Before sending the 0950005471 injector, we strictly follow the standard product installation data and product installation steps to install, such as injector stroke test, injector solenoid valve tightening torque, injector nozzle tightening torque.

In addition, Injector spare parts play an important role in the normal operation of the injector and the entire common rail system, so we also test the performance of the 0950005471 injector’s spare parts.

After selling the 0950005471 injector, also provides technical training service, if there any problems, customers can contact us through sending email and describe the injector’s problem, we will arrange one on one customer service to solve their problems. 

If customers have to disassemble the injector and need to assemble it again, they can download technical file from our website from to check the precautions of installation and follow installation processes. 

Performance Testing-injector-0950005471